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Pakistan is Examining its Illegitimate Debt Burden

Blog the Debt is a great blog in the spirit of “Jubilee USA’s notes on debt and economic justice. Cancel debt. Eliminate poverty.”

This news item is about Pakistan Probing for Illegitimate Debt.

This is hopefully the beginning of unravelling the heinous enslavement of the world by Public Debts for Vested Interest Payments as institutionalised by central banks since the Bank of England Act 1694 or Anglo-Saxon capitalists…


Dishonest Money questioned by Class Action Lawsuit Against the Federal Reserve

This website and this video have made my day, for they act on the victims as EFFECTS and against the Fed as the CAUSE of our dishonest money system. “Dishonest Money” is actually the title of an American book that outlines the dishonest quality of “money” that has been hijacked from nation states by private banks.

4closure for Fraud is a site that highlights the problems of home repossessions in America. Their efforts paid off when Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum began investigating whether Florida’s largest foreclosure firms had submitted false affidavits and other documents in order to obtain final judgments against property owners.

Same circus, different clowns as we’ve watched in the UK (see Victims Unite!:

  • “Potentially fabricated documents”
  • many with signatures they believe are forged
  • “suspicious documents”.

Now sponsored by a law firm, 4closureFraud.org gets 100,000 views a month, including visitors from the White House, the US Justice Department, the US State Deparment, the International Monetary Frund and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

And thanks to their Warrior Lawyers, a class action against the Fed is in preparation!

The Contact page lists 9 interesting traps for victims to consider!

Kathleen Parker in The Washington Post: The economic crisis was an ‘inside job’

The most forgiving American will want to seize a pitchfork and march on Wall Street. Or Harvard Square. Or in front of the White House. There are so many despicable parties, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Is it time to reconsider the Axis of Evil?

The article is actually a review of the film Inside Job with a few pertinent points:

  1. assigning blame to either Democrats or Republicans is pointless
  2. many investment bankers knew the mortgage loans they were selling, were junk
  3. the cosy relationship between Wall Street and Ivy League academia is eye-opening, i.e. revealing conflicts of interest
  4. notably missing from the film, declining to be interviewed, are: Larry Summers, Tim Geithner, Hank Paulson, Alan Greenspan and Robert Rubin.
  5. “Obscene” is the word that comes to mind: the game has been rigged so that only a few were in positions to get rich at the expense of the middle class, not just here but globally.
  6. the only remaining question is why some of these people aren’t being prosecuted for fraud or at least shirking fiduciary duty.

Another excellent film review is here.

Called “the most in-depth look” on MOXNEWS.COM, Charles Ferguson is being interviewed here, making the following points:

  • extremely unethical behaviour
  • unbelievably unlikely that there wasn’t also criminal fraud
  • but not a single seniour executive has been prosecuted.

Professor William Black comments and suggests the following:

  1. replace bank regulators
  2. end FBI partnership with MBA
  3. fire Eric Holder, the current Attorney General.

What can we do now?

  1. fire Geithner, Sumers and the heads of the banking regulatory agencies
  2. get people who believe in prosecution
  3. make a Top 100 list of most serious cases instead of the least serious ones.