Hitler was financed by @FederalReserve and @BankofEngland

16 05 27 HitlerIt takes long-term thinking to understand geo-political processes.

It takes a ‘niche interest’ to want to study how the world has been duped and deceived into what’s so dishonest about our money system. 

And it takes a historian who wants to know the truth:

Yuri Rubtsov is a doctor of historical sciences, academician of the Academy of military sciences, and member of  the International Association of historians of world war II.

The result is this article:

An excellent time line of four roughly 5-year stages, starting 1919, and an important account of the key players in finance and in industry.



2 responses to “Hitler was financed by @FederalReserve and @BankofEngland

  1. This supports my article that BOE supported the evidence I have that The Bank of England, though THE BANK OF ENGLAND NOMINEES Ltd., was involved in relations with Germany, The Third Reich through co-conspirator Barclay’s Bank Plc (formally Bavarian Bank, hence the Spread Eagle as the emblem).

  2. Rubtsov’s article is a whitewash of Soviet history.

    The German high-command financed the bolshevik revolution;
    Standard Oil and usual suspects financed the Soviet Union’s economic development under Stalin’s management. And oh what a blessing that soviet union was. (which would ye have picked to live in? Hitler’s Germany or Stalin’s Soviet Union?)


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