Public Credit EDMs

Since 2002 we have been submitting Early Day Motions
mainly via Austin Mitchell MP asking for public credit as the Government’s option for improving economic conditions.

“Public credit” is the Cash share of the money supply (provided free of charge by the Government) – in contrast to the Credit share (provided at interest by banks).

Public credit is equivalent to “printing money” which, in today’s news language, gets surrounded by the excessive inflation rates of the Weimar Republik. However, at the time, the German government was excessive. Now it’s the banks – supposedly under the supervision of governments…

Summary of EDM messages

EDM 1515 01-02 – Using the Public Credit

EDM 854 – 02-03 – Publicly Created Money and Monetary Reform

EDM 323 – 03-04 – Public Credit for Public Purposes

EDM 327 – 04-05 – Use of Public Credit for Public Works

EDM 743 – 04-05 – Interest Free Money

EDM 390 – 05-06 – Publicly-Created Money

EDM 408 – 06-07 – Public Credit for Public Purposes

EDM 265 – 07-08 – Green Credit for Green Growth

EDM 1449 – 08-08 – Taxing the Profits of Credit Creation

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