Bradbury Pound

Bradbury Pound

Through many years I have studied:

  • what ‘money’ is [interest-free Cash and interest-bearing Credit]
  • who controls the ‘money supply’, if anybody
  • the ratio between Cash and Credit in the money supply
  • the historic development of the power of Central Banks over National Governments by national or ‘public’ debts.

But only recently did I come across the Bradbury Pound (1914) as Britain’s version of Lincoln’s Greenbacks (1861):

  • Bradbury Pound
  • interest-free, backed by the Public Credit
  • issued by Treasury rather than Banks.

Maybe we don’t need to finance another war, but the current financial wars may be enough reason to

But: the City rules Westminster with their money as debt aka credit. And even Wikipedia plays part in mystifying the money issues rather than contributing to enlightenment. Never mind: we each can only do what we must do, according to our own inner light…

One response to “Bradbury Pound

  1. Maynard Keynes had a suggested solution…the Bankor….mind you, gold had just gone out (1914 in the UK). The idea was the unit of currency would have a fixed buying power, as gold almost did, as it had to be dug up and could not be printed!
    Inflation is a tax, and it is the cruellest tax of all as it is paid by the poorest in society, who have their little savings in cash or bank deposits. It is not a tax paid by the rich, as they have their money in property and shares, which don’t generally go down in value and then stay down. That is why rich socialists love it so much!

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