From the Publisher of a “History of Usury”

Public Credit Petition

My warmest congratulations to you for the inspiration (and implementation) that lies behind The Treasury Select Committee Petition. I think this will touch a nerve as it is something that ordinary people can understand…and politicians can make speeeches about. Also the timing is excellent…and the Online Petition addresses the modern governance problem of the Democratic Deficit, representing the other side of the Early Day Motion coin.

You may now find yourself inundated with requests for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Fact Sheets. Do not be shy to ask for my help. It is in this context that the work this Spring on the Swabey (Usury and the Church of England) and Tawney (The Damnable Sin of Usury) manuscripts (and chronologues) may have a part to play. Thomas Robertson’s Human Ecology is also needed…OCR’d but unedited.

More on The History of Usury and from the Ciff’s Edge Signalling Company


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