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Cryptos vs Banksters [& the Bankers are Losing!] @clif_high What are @CurrencyNews @money #wealth?

This interview with Clif High illustrates an ‘interesting’ state of knowledge or the absence of understanding the essence of the original purpose of ‘currency’ as ‘money’ to facilitate trade:

  1. accumulating material wealth is priority;
  2. ‘currency’ is not a medium of exchange but a ‘store of value;
  3. electronic ‘coins’ are being created for that very purpose – preferably by web bots.

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Completely brilliant video rap: Money from Nothing

Concentrated Consciousness on www.seektruth.cc produced this exquisite rap on video:

Pieces of paper devalue one’s labour
printing press process cuts like a saber
through the worth of the sweat – off of one’s brow
in the form of a system we have allowed
through default of inheritance – to continue
to create money from nothing… and this for a fee!

The economics of banking and legal tender
esoteric complexities which typically render
most individuals dazed and confused
clueless about this system we use
on a daily basis – throughout our lives
an idea we’ve been sold… and continue to buy.

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The Money Scam: Alex Jones says it in 59 slides

The Money Scam are 59 slides, relating to Dollars and in American, explaining how banks

  • create credit from thin air and call it “money”
  • sell it at interest, and especially to the governments of Nations
  • expropriate real value from the real economy and real value…

and how we, the people, need to wake up!

Slide 58 says that the National Debt is the amount that the central bank has been stealing. So, according to the Bank of England Act 1694, the Bank of England should pay the Treasury 3 times the National Debt!

Supposedly produced by Alex Jones, one of the most vociferous American radio journalists.

I promise to pay the bearer what I can afford

John-Paul Flintoff has done it again: write most light-heartedly about the most serious subject of our times. The title is Make your own money.

John-Paul is researching the topic across the full spectrum which is remarkable.

He signed our online petition as no. 66 and its short address is http://tinyurl.com/666rwd! There’s more magic in these numbers than in the big numbers that he cites in Big Bailouts, Bigger Bucks.

Anarchy in the UK

Anarchy in the UK and the birth of SGS (Stop the Gaza Slaughter) is a most outspoken and passionate article by the remarkable journalist Yvonne Ridley in response to Israel’s violence in Gaza.

I’m reminded of my article Money at the Root of the Peace Issue.

Comprehensive Overviews

Roy Davies used to work as a librarian at the University of Exeter. With this training for detail and comprehensiveness at the same time, plus a father who wrote a book on the history of money, we can thank Roy for great overviews: Money – Past, Present & Future.

Money as Debt also known as Credit

Following a telephone conversation with a lady who wanted to offer her support, I created this new blog as a way of focussing on our core issues in the UK.

Credit comes from the Latin credere which means believing!